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Shipping Guidelines & Policy

These Shipping Policy and Guidelines are subject to change without notice to reflect changes in our policies, services, and/or in response to customer feedback. The “last updated” date will be changed at the top of this Policy when we do make changes. The current Shipping Policy and Guidelines will be in effect whenever you place an order with, so please be sure to check it periodically.

FedEx, UPS, and their associated services are only a few of the delivery choices that provides. Ground or economy delivery is our regular shipment service (“Standard Shipping”). The most cost-effective delivery option for your purchase will be considered when presenting shipping prices, however you may choose to use a different shipping option when placing your order.

Please prepare properly and give yourself plenty of time to obtain your purchase if you have outdated or time-sensitive content. We firmly advise against depending on Standard Shipping delivery in these situations.

Our shipping costs are determined by the carrier’s rates, which might change from time to time. Delivery on Saturday is available for an extra fee. For additional details about delivery on Saturday, kindly get in touch with our shipping department. All purchases are sent FOB shipping point, which means that once we provide the package to our shipping carrier, ownership and the risk of loss pass to you. Ownership and the risk of loss will pass to you when you (or your agent) take possession of your order if you choose to pick it up. When you (or your agent) accept delivery if delivery without a signature has been approved, ownership and risk of loss pass to you.

We’re unable to utilize a customer’s personal account with UPS, Fed Ex, or any other carrier, unfortunately.

Depending on the shipping option you choose and/or your location, the expected arrival time for any particular package may change. Because we employ a third-party shipping provider, we are unable to guarantee a precise delivery date or time, despite our best efforts to match the projected delivery timeframes. Please be sure to give yourself enough time for delivery of your purchase if you have time-sensitive items.

You will be informed of the manufacturing facility where your order will be handled when you place an order. Our partners and/or vendors have manufacturing facilities all across the United States, and your project will typically be distributed to provide the most effective and fastest shipping depending on your preferred delivery region. However, certain product offers need to be produced at particular manufacturing facilities, and the shipping time and costs will be determined by that location.

You may use our Shipping Maps to determine when your cargo will arrive from the time of dispatch for Standard Shipping to a destination location inside the United States. Choose the shipment map that matches the shipping company and manufacturing location that were given to you at the time of your transaction. Please take note that we cannot guarantee delivery on the date specified; these shipping maps only provide you an estimate of the delivery date. Additionally, the timeframe shown on the Shipping Maps does NOT include the day of carrier collection or the turnaround time for orders when calculating the time your shipment will arrive.

The delivery date will match the shipping service level you choose if you choose anything other than Standard Shipping. Once again, the day of collection is not included in the delivery date. The shipper is guaranteeing its shipping service within the time period chosen if you choose the applicable shipping carriers’ 3 Day, 2nd Air Day, Next Day Air, or other special delivery levels (or their equivalent). Keep in mind that only these unique rapid shipping options are certain to arrive within the specified times. It is NOT guaranteed that Standard Shipping will arrive by the estimated time of arrival.

The order turnaround time you choose throughout the purchase process is in addition to your expected shipment time. To calculate the actual delivery date, multiply the turnaround time by the anticipated shipping time. For a list of available turnaround times, click here.

You may be able to input the destination to get an idea of the shipping charges, but if you want an idea of how long it will take to get there, you need get in touch with (or the shipping company). Only the goods and delivery expenses are included in our price. 

We retain the right to alter the location that was previously designated for the fulfillment of your transaction. (For instance, a change in location may be required due to a change in our manufacturing capacity needs, a natural catastrophe, or the amount of orders.) If this occurs, you could be notified via email, and it might affect things like your expected shipment time. For an estimate of the transportation time from the new manufacturing location, please refer to our Shipping Maps.

Each discrete product ordered will be shipped separately, will incur a separate shipping charge, will have its own estimated shipping time, and may arrive on a different date from other products you have ordered. Generally speaking, our shipping process cannot accommodate the aggregation of multiple print orders for shipping purposes. If you purchase many items, it’s conceivable that they may all need to be produced at various locations, and the estimated delivery times for each item may change. There will only be one shipping fee charged if you buy a particularly discounted bundle of goods, although the individual items can be sent individually and arrive at various times. Please make plans in advance if the reception of several goods is time-sensitive as we cannot guarantee that orders for multiple products will be delivered on the same day.

Limited Group Shipping

We can combine numerous orders for group delivery for a select few restricted product categories. If group shipping is an option for your product purchase, it will be shown on the Product Builder page.

  • Group shipping orders must adhere to the following guidelines:
    • All orders must be placed simultaneously;
    • Maximum run size per order (details are available for each product);
    • Order placement must include a group shipping designation;
    • Orders must all be for the same product type;
    • The turnaround time for each order must be the same (NOTE: Group shipping does not support same-day turnaround);
    • The amount of each order must be the same (for instance, 25 Vinyl Banners);
    • The same address must receive the order;
    • Same contact person is required for every order.
  • Your specified turnaround time may increase by at least one day if you choose group shipping. Consider this while placing your order.
  • All jobs within a group of orders intended for group delivery will be kept and delayed until all jobs are finished if one or more jobs in the group are delayed for any reason. We advise against using group shipping for any project with a pressing deadline.
  • The time of the final approval of the last authorized work within the group will define the due date for all tasks intended for group shipment. The turnaround time and delivery date will be computed as if all six jobs were authorized on Wednesday in the case of a Monday order for six tasks that are designated for group shipment but one or more of the jobs are not approved until Wednesday.
  • We are unable to release any portions of an order from a group that has been marked for group shipment for delivery through an alternate method (earlier or later).
  • Only up to the stage of bindery may the shipment method or address be changed via the website’s link.

We advise against using group shipping for any project with a pressing deadline.

Orders that are too big or too heavy for the chosen delivery level may be split up into additional boxes. The number of boxes you may anticipate for your purchase will be shown in your order confirmation and/or product tracking information. We cannot promise that all of the boxes will be delivered on the same day if your purchase is broken up into many boxes, since each box will need its own shipping fee.

It is your obligation to confirm that a real street address has been supplied and that it is the exact and precise location (including zip code) for your delivery as our carriers often do not ship to a Post Office box. Residential and Post Office Box addresses may be sent to with Economy Shipping, but an exact and valid address is needed. The inclusion of a phone number in your shipment information is highly advised. Incorrect or inaccurate delivery addresses may result in delivery delays, losses, or higher delivery costs for which we are not liable. Once a product is sent to a carrier for shipping, we are not liable for any delays or product losses.

Please be sure your payment information was typed accurately. We are not liable for any delays or losses resulting from incorrect payment card information that may cause shipments to be delayed.

Your shipment timings may be affected and delayed by holidays. When predicting the delivery time of your product, please consider holidays.

If a customer refuses to accept delivery of a package (which would also include failing to pick up the item from the carrier, if applicable) or makes a mistake in providing the correct shipping address, for example, the package may need to be reshipped (with the updated address, if necessary), and you will be charged an additional shipping fee for this reshipment. In addition, there may be extra charges and return costs if the carrier is unable to deliver the product. Even if you choose not to have a product reshipped, you agree to allow the credit card used for the purchase to be used to cover the costs of the goods, initial shipment, and any extra charges brought on by the product’s return.

You have up until the order is sent out for delivery to modify the shipping address after making an order. You will pay an administrative fee of at least twelve dollars and thirty-five cents ($12.35) each time you ask us to intercept and deliver an order to a different shipping address (i.e., one other than the one you’ve currently selected), in addition to any increases in the shipping costs and other expenses UPS may charge. You agree that the credit card used for the transaction will be charged with these fees and charges.

We will do our best to fulfill your order by the indicated delivery date and shipping schedule. However, the printing and delivery processes might be delayed by technical issues, equipment breakdowns, shipping delays, and other issues beyond of our control. However, such delays are not an excuse to cancel an order. In such cases, rush fees and other production expenses may be waived or returned as appropriate. By ordering from, you agree that we are not responsible or liable for any delays caused by shipping companies, acts of God, weather, environmental or dangerous goods incidents, perils of the air, public enemies, public authorities acting with actual or apparent authority, acts or omissions of customs officials, authority of law, quarantine, riots, strikes, work stoppages, or slowdowns, and that no refund, cancellation, or credit will be due as a result.

Please be aware that if you choose a home address as your delivery address, the carrier may leave the item at the address without requiring a signature. Please get in touch with customer service if you need a delivery signature.