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California Privacy Policy

Last Update: June 28, 2022

As an addition to’s general Privacy Policy, is providing this California Privacy Notice on its own behalf as well as the behalf of its partner companies (collectively, “,” “us,” and “we”). This Notice explains your rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) and how to exercise them. The personal data we get from employees and job seekers is not covered by this California Privacy Notice. Please read our internal California Employee Privacy Notice if you work for and our California Applicant Privacy Policy if you are applying for a position there from California.

Personal Data Collection

1.1 Types of personal information regarding California customers that we may gather

  • Name, alias, postal address, unique personal identifier, internet protocol (IP) address, email address, account name, social security number, license number, passport number, or other similar identifiers are examples of identifiers.
  • Information about the customer, including their name, address, phone number, bank account number, credit card number, debit card number, and any other financial details.
  • Demographic information, among other personal traits or characteristics.
  • Customer account information and commercial information, including records of personal property, goods or services acquired or contemplated, as well as other buying or consuming patterns or histories.
  • Internet use data, including browsing and search history as well as details on how customers interacted with our website, application, or advertising.
  • Locational information, such as movements and travel patterns.
  • Such as audio recordings of customer service calls, which include sensory data.
  • Information pertaining to a person’s career or employment, such as their job, title, line of work, prior employment history, or present or past employers.
  • Conclusions drawn from personally identifiable information, such as information about your hobbies or shopping habits.
Please be aware that we may not gather information from every customer in all of these areas.
1.2 How we may utilize the consumer data we gather about California residents and the commercial or business justification for the data gathering.
  • Other services such as account maintenance or servicing, customer support, processing or completing orders and transactions, confirming customer information, processing payments, advertising or marketing, offering analytics services, or performing similar activities.
  • Verifying placement and quality of ads, counting ad impressions to unique visitors, and checking compliance are all examples of audits pertaining to a present engagement with you and contemporaneous transactions.
  • Temporary, temporary usage, such as but not limited to, contextual advertising shown during a single interaction
  • Detecting security breaches, preventing malevolent, dishonest, fraudulent, or unlawful activities, and bringing those guilty to justice.
  • Using debugging to find and fix issues that interfere with the functionality that is currently intended.
  • Internal research for technology advancement and demonstration.
  • Performing tasks to improve, update or enhance a service or device that is owned, produced, manufactured for, or controlled by us as well as to verify or maintain the quality or safety of the service or device.

1.3 Types of sources of personal data that we gather

We could have gotten personal data about you from the sources listed below, among others.

We might have gotten personal data about you from any of the following sources throughout the course of the 12 months previous to the effective date of this Statement:

  • From you directly, as when you make a purchase.
  • From your gadgets, such as when you access our website,
  • In connection with their use of the website, your family members, friends, or colleagues, such as by sending you information about our goods or services directly
  • Our subsidiaries and affiliations
  • Networks for promoting
  • Using social media
  • Vendors that carry out services for us (including Internet service providers or ISPs)
  • Public sources and other government agencies
  • Systems and platforms for operating
  • Credit bureaus or agencies

2. Types of personal data provided for commercial purposes

We share private information with merchants and service providers. The types of receivers who may have received this personal information are listed below, along with the categories of personal information that may be given for commercial purposes. Not all of the above categories may apply to your personal information, so please be aware of that.

Personal Information Disclosed for Business Purposes by Category

  • Identification
  • Client Records
  • Individual Qualities or Attributes
  • Customer account information and commercial data
  • Information about Internet Use
  • Geolocation Information
  • Sensory Information
  • Data Relating to Your Professional or Employment
  • Conclusions made with Personal Information

Recipients Categories

  •  Vendors that carry out services for us
  • Companies that provide professional services, such accountants and legal firms
  • Providers of Internet services
  • Data analytics companies
  • Credit institutions (when required by law)
  • Financial establishments
  • Governmental institutions and offices
  • Our subsidiaries and associated businesses


3. Selling of personal data

We never trade your personal information for cash or any other kind of valued consideration as that term is used under the CCPA.

4. Minors Data

Consumers under the age of 16 have their personal information not intentionally collected, disclosed, or sold by us. Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to use our Services, as per our Terms and Conditions. If you are a parent or legal guardian and learn that your kid has given us personal information, please get in touch with us so that we can work with you to resolve the situation. 

The CCPA grants California customers a number of rights. These include the freedoms from discrimination, opt-out, deletion, and access. Each right is described in further detail in this part, along with information on how California consumers may use their rights in accordance with the CCPA. Currently, the CCPA does not provide consumers specific privacy rights in relation to personal data obtained from a company in an employment-related situation (such as from employees or job applicants).

5.1 Request To Know

  • Your right to Request to Know aka Right To Access
    • The CCPA grants California customers a number of rights. These include the freedoms from discrimination, opt-out, deletion, and access. Each right is described in further detail in this part, along with information on how California consumers may use their rights in accordance with the CCPA. Currently, the CCPA does not provide consumers specific privacy rights in relation to personal data obtained from a company in an employment-related situation (such as from employees or job applicants).
    • Within 45 days after receiving the request, we endeavor to comply with access requests. We will notify you in writing if we need more time or information to complete your request.
5.2 Your Right To Deletion
  • The Right to Deletion
    • Consumers in California have the right to seek the erasure of their personal data that we have obtained from them, subject to certain limitations.
    • Requests for deletion may be processed in between 30 and 60 days. We will let you know in writing if we need extra time or data to complete your request.
5.3 Your Right to opt-out
  • The right to opt-out
    • Any “selling” of your personal information is subject to your right of withdrawal. We do not, however, currently sell any personally identifiable information as that term is defined in the CCPA.

5.4 Your Right to non-discrimination

A Californian customer’s freedom to use their CCPA rights may not be the basis for a firm treating them differently. The knowledge that you have used or asked to use any CCPA rights is not used by 4over for any reason other than to make it easier to respond to your request.

6. CA’s “Shine the Light” Law

If you live in California, you have the right to seek and acquire specific information once a year, free of charge, about the instances in which we disclosed certain categories of Personal Information to third parties for their direct marketing needs. To far, 4Over has not disclosed any personal data to other parties for those parties’ own direct marketing endeavors.

7. Exercising your right to CCPA and/or Shine the Light

7.1 Submitting a Request

Send us an email at [email protected] to seek access, have information deleted, participate in Shine the Light, or opt out of any sales of your personal data.

We shall use commercially reasonable efforts to reply to your requests and to identify your personal information that we collect, handle, store, disclose, and otherwise use. If a request is excessive or unduly demanding, we have the right to refuse it or to charge a fair price. If we decline your request, we will explain why in the reply.

7.2 Request Fulfillment 

You must include enough details for to fairly verify that you are the customer from whom we obtained the personal information if you want us to comply with your request. We will only use the data you provide us to confirm your identity for this specific reason. We have the right to refuse your request if we are unable to confirm your identity or if we suspect fraud. There may not be a practical way for us to authenticate your identity to the degree of confidence needed by the CCPA if you do not have an account with us and seek access to or deletion of your personal information.

8. DNT Signals

According to California law, we must inform you of how we handle Do Not Track (DNT) requests from web browsers. We do not yet react to DNT signals since there is no industry-wide or statutory standard for identifying or acknowledging them.

9. Managing Cookies

By modifying your device’s browser settings, we urge you to control your browser-based cookies (e.g., ChromeEdge, FirefoxInternet Explorer, or Safari). Please refer to our general Privacy Notice for additional information about our policies with cookies, web beacons, and related technologies.