Super Smooth 14oz Vinyl Banner

$2.50 per SQ FT

Thinking of billboards to advertise your business? Your work office can take advantage of the pedestrian traffic by using a scrim Vinyl banner 16 oz. This durable material lasts longer and known for greater visibility as the images and texts can be viewed even from afar. 


Resolution: 720 x 720 resolution, digitally printed.

Maximum Size: 150” Wide X 120” High per piece but it is possible to weld banners together to come up with a bigger size.

Usage: Waterproof, UV safe, Indoor or Outdoor to withstand wear and tear.


•   16 oz. Matte Vinyl Banner

FINISHING (Prices may vary according to finishing method)

•   Grommets
•   Raw Edges (no hem and grommet)
•   Hemmed edges
•   Pole Pockets
•   Webbing
•   D-rings
•   Webbing w/ D-rings

We accept file formats: JPG and PDF

*With Double Sided Banners make sure to leave a 2 inch area of free space all around your banner that does not interfer with your artwork. We need those 2 inches all around for finishing purposes.

*For Pole Pockets be sure to have 3.5 inches extra of design added to your banner top/bottom or left/right

Make your artwork in the exact size that you are ordering. No bleed, No crop marks.
For PDF all fonts must be outlined or provide a flattened file. If the file does not come to size, is corrupt or otherwise unfit to print the file will be 
put on hold till further notice until the file is sent correct (either by size or resolution)


•    72 dpi resolution at 100% of the final print size (for JPG & PDF). 
•    150(+) dpi resolution at 50% of the final print size (for JPG & PDF). 

$10 per piece

(for large quantity orders please submit an estimate)

Shipping Policies and Restrictions

Banners five feet and under (On their shortest side), will be rolled and shipped in standard corrugated boxes. Banners over five feet (On their shortest side) will be folded and shipped in a square box.

Shipping Policies and Restrictions

If an order is uploaded on a business day BEFORE 1:00 pm PST, then it will be shipped on the following business day. (If there is a problem with the file or the shipping payment has not been made, it won't be shipped until either payment has been made or the file is ready to print.)


Due to the large physical size of products some orders may have higher shipping charges. Unfortunately there is little of what we can do as we are bound by the rules and limitations set forth by our shipping company.


Once your order is shipped via ground service, you should receive it with-in 2 to 5 business days.


Group shipping is available for jobs which have a MATCHING product category, turnaround time, shipping address, and shipping method. Group shipping discounts are applied to items with shipping fees of LESSER value.

Note: If you decide to cancel the item with the highest shipping fee value within a group ship, your group shipping discount will vary.


All the times are based on normal business days, Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays.
Turnaround time begins once your file is uploaded.
If your file is placed on hold, the turnaround time will begin after you select 'Run As Is' or after a re-uploaded file is received.
If you request a design proof, the turnaround time will begin right after you approve the design.


1.    Shipping Orders:
If an order is placed and a file is uploaded on a business day BEFORE 10:00 am PST, then it will be shipped the same day. (If there is a problem with the file, it won't be shipped until the next day.)

14oz Super Smooth Vinyl Banner


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